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Thick-Walled Seamless Steel Pipe Installation

December 25, 2023

Latest company news about Thick-Walled Seamless Steel Pipe Installation

Before installation begins, confirm that the specifications, dimensions and quality of seamless steel pipes meet design and specification requirements. Check the installation location of pipe supports, supports and fixtures and ensure they comply with the design drawings.
Pipe layout design:
Plan the direction and connection points of pipelines according to engineering design drawings. Consider the expansion, contraction, thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline and other factors, and select appropriate compensation and support devices.
Cutting and Preparing:
Use appropriate tools to cut and prepare seamless steel pipe, ensuring pipe ends are flat, plumb and free of burrs.
Welding: Carry out necessary welding work to ensure that the welding quality meets relevant standards. Use the correct welding method and current to ensure the firmness and corrosion resistance of the weld.
Support and fixation:
Install pipe supports and fixtures to ensure pipe stability and compliance with design requirements. Install brackets, booms, or other support structures where needed.
Connection and pressure test:
Connect different parts of the pipe using appropriate fittings such as flanges, threaded connections or welds.
Perform a pressure test of the piping system to ensure there are no leaks or leaks.
Coating and anti-corrosion treatment:
Seamless steel pipes are properly coated and anti-corrosion treated to improve their corrosion resistance.
Acceptance and Recording:
Conduct system acceptance testing to ensure piping systems meet design and specification requirements. Record all installation steps, inspections and test results for future reference.
Maintenance and monitoring:
Establish a regular maintenance schedule to check the health of your piping system. Monitor the corrosion status of pipelines and take necessary preventive and maintenance measures.

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