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What are the cons of cold rolled steel?

September 27, 2023

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What are the cons of cold rolled steel?


When steel is rolled out to form a coil during its production, this is done at varying degrees of temperature. In all cases where this temperature is considered at or below the room temperature, this is considered cold rolled steel.

Cold rolled steel will be smooth to the touch, strong and not particularly flexible. It’s generally found in flat, square or round shapes.

What are the cons of cold rolled steel?


There are a couple distinct benefits to cold rolled steel:

Strength: Cold rolled steel is up to 20 percent stronger than typical hot rolled steel. Using heat to roll the steel can weaken it, but keeping it above room temperature holds its structural integrity. This makes it perfect for your biggest and toughest projects.
Surface finish: Cold rolled steel also looks better than hot rolled. It’s the preferred technique for furniture, cars and other aesthetic areas for this reason, and has a modern look.

There are also a couple downsides to cold rolled steel for some people:

Price: Because of its advantages over hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel is more expensive. Also, because cold rolled steel is tougher to manipulate, it’s takes more time and can cost more to take it through similar processes.
Width: Shaving down a hot rolling metal sheet is very due to the temperature, but it can’t be done with cold rolled steel. This means you have to be more careful about measuring width in advance – you won’t have any leeway once you get started.
Time: As we mentioned above, the difficulty in manipulating cold rolled steel can make projects take longer to complete than the equivalent project using hot rolled steel.

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