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What’s OCTG Pipe And What’s Used For?

December 25, 2023

Latest company news about What’s OCTG Pipe And What’s Used For?

Oil well casing (Casing): Oil well casing is installed inside the oil well to protect the well wall, fix the well wall, prevent the well wall from collapsing, and at the same time play the role of isolation, insulation and anti-corrosion of the oil and gas layer. Oil well casing is usually installed at various levels in the wellbore, and its size and strength requirements are high.
Oil well piping (Tubing): Oil well piping is a kind of pipe installed inside the oil well and used to transport oil, gas and water. Oil well pipes are typically smaller in diameter than well casing and are placed inside the wellbore to carry produced oil or gas to the surface.
Casing (Coupling): Casing is a pipe fitting that connects oil well casing or oil well pipeline, and is used to connect two pipes. Casing is usually made of corrosion-resistant and high-strength materials to ensure the integrity of downhole pipelines.
Drill Pipe: Drill pipe is a tubular device used for drilling oil wells. It consists of multiple tubes of the same length that are extended by connecting them. The drill pipe rotates to send the drill bit to the bottom of the well, and at the same time, the mud in the pipe sends the cuttings back to the surface.
OCTG pipe plays a key role in oil and gas exploration, development and production. They are not only used for underground oil and gas transportation and isolation, but also for supporting and protecting the wellbore structure to ensure the stability of the wellbore. Since oil wells usually face complex geological conditions and high-pressure and high-pressure environments, OCTG pipes need to have high strength, corrosion resistance, and high temperature and pressure resistance.
Overall, OCTG pipes are an indispensable key material in the oil and gas industry, and they play an important role in oil well construction and maintenance.

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