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654SMo super stainless steel

December 11, 2023

Latest company news about 654SMo super stainless steel

654SMo super stainless steel


Number: 1.4652

Brand: X1CrNiMoCuN24-22-8

Standard: EN 10088-2:2005

Features and applications:

X1CrNiMoCuN24-22-8 stainless steel, German DIN standard stainless steel.

chemical composition:

Carbon C: ≤0.02

Silicon Si: ≤0.05

Manganese Mn: 2.00-4.00

Nickel Ni: 21.0-23.0

Phosphorus P: ≤0.03

Sulfur S: ≤0.005

Chromium Cr: 23-25

Molybdenum: 7.0-8.0

Nitrogen N: 0.45 - 0.55

Copper Cu: 0.3-0.6

654SMo (S32654, 1.4652) super austenitic stainless steel is a super austenitic stainless steel containing 23% nickel, 25% chromium and 7% molybdenum. Its anti-corrosion ability is much better than ordinary austenitic steel.

The smelting method of 654SMO super austenitic stainless steel: the currently popular argon-oxygen decarburization refining method abroad (VOD or AOD), and the continuous casting method of stainless steel can also be used. However, because the amount of 654SMO steel is much smaller than that of ordinary austenitic stainless steel, and it is smelted in an AOD or VOD refining furnace (usually more than 20T per furnace), the supplier does not want to overload the inventory, so our company's Wuhu Special Alloy uses vacuum Steel is made in an induction refining furnace, coupled with electroslag remelting and refining, and then forged into blanks to process round steel, forgings, flanges, etc.

654SMo (S32654, 1.4652) super austenitic stainless steel contains high molybdenum. When processing seamless pipe perforation, the steel type is hard and sticky, and it is easy to deviate or crack. There is a great risk in perforation. The round steel is drilled in the center and then pierced, and cold rolled or cold drawn by a rolling mill. Although the cost is increased, it can ensure a high success rate.

654SMo (S32654, 1.4652) super austenitic stainless steel has very good local corrosion resistance. It has good pitting corrosion resistance and good stress corrosion resistance under seawater, aeration, gaps, and low-speed erosion conditions. It is Alternative materials for nickel-based alloys and titanium alloys. Secondly, in terms of high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance, it has better high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance than 904L and 254SMO.

654SMO (S32654, 1.4652) super austenitic stainless steel physical properties:

654SMO (S32654, 1.4652) stainless steel density: 8.24g/cm3,

654SMO (S32654, 1.4652) stainless steel melting point:

654SMO (S32654, 1.4652) Stainless Steel Magnetism: None

654SMO (S32654, 1.4652) super austenitic stainless steel variety specifications and supply status:

654SMO (S32654, 1.4652) super austenite variety classification: can produce various specifications of super austenitic stainless steel 654SMo seamless pipe, 654SMo steel plate, 654SMo bar, 654SMo round bar, 654SMo strip, 654SMo wire, 654SMo round Cake, 654SMo ring, 654SMo forging.

654SMo super stainless steel

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