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API5L 3LPE Anticorrosion Pipe

December 25, 2023

Latest company news about API5L 3LPE Anticorrosion Pipe

API 5L: This is a standard specification developed by the American Petroleum Institute for the manufacture of steel pipes for transporting gas, water, and oil. API 5L specification covers seamless and welded pipe.
3LPE: This stands for three layers of polyethylene. It is an anti-corrosion coating system applied to the outer surface of pipes. These three layers usually include:
First layer (FBE - Fused Bonded Epoxy): This is the primer layer that provides excellent adhesion to the steel surface and acts as a corrosion barrier.
Second Layer (Adhesive): This layer acts as a connecting layer between the FBE and the polyethylene outer layer.
Layer 3 (Polyethylene): This is the outermost layer that provides mechanical protection and acts as a barrier from environmental factors, including soil moisture and chemicals.
3LPE anti-corrosion pipe: Pipes marked with "API 5L 3LPE anti-corrosion pipe" indicate that they meet API 5L standards and are coated with 3 layers of polyethylene anti-corrosion coating. This type of coating is commonly used in pipelines to prevent corrosion and extend the service life of pipes in various environments.
The combination of API 5L specification and 3LPE coating makes this type of pipe suitable for applications where corrosion resistance is a key factor, such as the oil and gas industry, water pipelines and other corrosive environments.

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