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ASTM B337 3 inch Gr2 Titanium Welded Pipe for Exhaust

May 23, 2023

Latest company news about ASTM B337 3 inch Gr2 Titanium Welded Pipe for Exhaust

ASTM B337 3 inch Gr2 Titanium Welded Pipe for Exhaust

ASTM B337 3" Gr2 Titanium Welded Pipe Exhaust is a high quality piping solution specifically designed for exhaust systems in a variety of applications. Manufactured from ASTM B337 Gr2 Titanium, this welded pipe offers excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and durability. With a diameter of 3 inches, it is suitable for exhaust systems where efficient gas flow and reliable performance are required. Whether for automotive, marine, or industrial exhaust applications, this ASTM B337 titanium welded pipe provides a reliable and efficient solution.

Product Detail

ASTM B338/ASME SB338, ASTM B337/ASME SB337, ASTM B861/ASME SB861, ASTM B862/ASME SB862,AMS4911,AMS4928
Round Square Rectangle
Seamless titanium tube: Titanium sponge—Compacting electrodes—melting—Forge—Bar billets—Extruding—Rolled—Straightening—Seamless tube
Welded titanium tube: Titanium sponge—Compacting electrodes—melting—Forge—Plate billets—Hot rolled—Cold rolled—Titanium scrap—Welded—Welded tube
Polishing, picking, acid washed, black oxide

ASTM B337 3 inch Gr2 Titanium Welded Pipe for Exhaust

Product element content and effect on product performance:

Titanium (Ti): The primary element in ASTM B337 Gr2 titanium welded pipe, it provides excellent corrosion resistance and high strength to weight ratio. Titanium increases the durability and resistance of the pipe to corrosive environments, making it ideal for exhaust applications.

Iron (Fe): Trace amounts of iron help to improve the mechanical properties of the pipe. However, excessive iron content can reduce corrosion resistance. gr2 grade titanium limits the iron content to 0.30%.

Oxygen (O): Oxygen content is controlled to improve the mechanical properties and weldability of the pipe, Gr2 grade titanium allows for oxygen content of up to 0.25%. Higher oxygen levels can affect ductility, form brittle compounds and reduce weldability.

Carbon (C): Gr2 titanium welded tubes should contain no more than 0.08% carbon. Controlling the carbon content ensures good weldability and prevents the formation of brittle titanium carbide, which can reduce the performance of the pipe.

Nitrogen (N): The nitrogen content of Gr2 grade titanium should not exceed 0.03%. Higher levels of nitrogen can have a detrimental effect on the ductility and corrosion resistance of the pipe.

Hydrogen (H): The presence of hydrogen can make titanium alloys brittle. gr2 titanium grades limit the hydrogen content to ensure the mechanical integrity of the pipe and to resist hydrogen related problems.


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