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High Purity ASTM B338 Gr2 Seamless Titanium Tube for Industrial

May 23, 2023

Latest company news about High Purity ASTM B338 Gr2 Seamless Titanium Tube for  Industrial

High Purity ASTM B338 Gr2 Seamless Titanium Tube for Industrial

High purity ASTM B338 Gr2 seamless titanium tubing for industrial applications is a premium grade tubing solution designed for a variety of industrial applications. Manufactured from ASTM B338 Gr2 titanium, this seamless tube offers superior purity, corrosion resistance and high strength. With precise dimensions and seamless construction, this titanium tubing ensures efficient fluid flow, minimal pressure loss, and reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. Whether used in chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation or other industrial applications, this high purity seamless titanium tubing provides a reliable and efficient solution.

Production Information

Silver Gray
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7~10 days

High Purity ASTM B338 Gr2 Seamless Titanium Tube for  Industrial


Q:Is this titanium tubing suitable for handling corrosive chemicals?
A:Yes, the ASTM B338 Gr2 titanium used in this tube has excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for handling corrosive chemicals commonly found in industrial applications.

Q: Can this tube withstand high temperature environments?
A:Absolutely! The Gr2 titanium construction provides excellent thermal stability, allowing the tube to withstand the high temperatures encountered in industrial processes.

Q:Is this tube available in different sizes?
A: Yes, we offer a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Please see our catalogue or contact our sales team for specific size availability.

Q:Can this seamless titanium tube be used in high pressure systems?
A:Yes, due to the excellent strength properties of Gr2 titanium, this tube is designed to withstand high pressure conditions.

Q: Does this tube require special handling or storage?
A:Although titanium is generally durable, careful storage and handling of the tube is recommended to prevent damage. It is recommended that standard industrial handling and storage practices are followed.

Q:Can this seamless titanium tube be used for liquid and gas applications?
A:Yes, this tubing is suitable for liquid and gas applications in a variety of industrial processes. Its corrosion resistance and high strength make it suitable for different fluid and gas handling requirements.

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