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Surface Treatment Of Welded Steel Pipes

September 26, 2023

Latest company news about Surface Treatment Of Welded Steel Pipes

latest company news about Surface Treatment Of Welded Steel Pipes  0

Galvanizing: Galvanizing is a common surface treatment especially suitable for steel pipe used in corrosive environments. During this process, the steel pipe is soaked in molten zinc, creating a zinc coating. This zinc coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and prevents steel pipes from rusting. Galvanized steel pipes are widely used in applications such as waterways, oil and gas pipelines, and more.

Spray Painting: Spray painting is a simple surface preparation method suitable for general purpose welded steel pipe. During this process, the surface of the pipe is cleaned and derusted, then a layer of paint or spray coating is applied to provide protection and aesthetics.

Coating: In addition to paint, welded steel pipes can also be coated with a special anti-corrosion coating. These coatings can be selected according to the requirements of the specific application. For example, the anti-corrosion coating can be epoxy, polyethylene, polyester, polyurethane and other materials.

Hot-dip galvanizing: Hot-dip galvanizing is a method of immersing steel pipes in molten zinc, similar to regular galvanizing. But unlike ordinary galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing will make the coating more uniform and thicker, so it has better corrosion resistance.

Three-layer polyethylene coating (3PE): This is an advanced coating method specifically used for buried pipelines underground. It consists of a base layer of adhesive, a middle polyethylene layer, and an outer sheath. 3PE coating provides excellent corrosion protection and is suitable for harsh underground environments.

Shot Peening: In some special applications, the surface of welded steel pipes is shot peened to clean and remove surface dirt and rust by projecting particles (usually steel shot or other hard materials) at high speeds.

Selecting the appropriate surface treatment method depends on the specific use, environment and performance requirements of the welded steel pipe. Different treatments can provide varying degrees of corrosion resistance and protection to ensure the pipe maintains performance and reliability over the long term.

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