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Welded Steel Pipe Production Process

September 26, 2023

Latest company news about Welded Steel Pipe Production Process

latest company news about Welded Steel Pipe Production Process  0

Raw material preparation: The first step in producing welded steel pipes is to prepare raw materials. Steel coils or plates are usually used as raw materials, and these steels may undergo pre-treatment, such as cutting and removing rust spots.

Plate rolling: The raw materials are processed by a plate rolling machine to bend the steel plate into a tubular shape. This can be done through a cold or hot bending process, depending on the requirements of the pipe.

Welding: The edges of steel plates that have been rolled into a tube are heated and joined together to form a pipe. Welding can be done using different methods including resistance welding, high frequency induction welding, arc welding, etc. The method chosen depends on the purpose and specifications of the pipe.

Welding seam treatment: After welding is completed, the welding seam usually needs further treatment to remove excess welding slag and smooth the welding seam. This can be done by scraping, grinding or rolling.

Dimensional and quality control: The produced welded steel pipes are subject to strict dimensional and quality control. This includes checking parameters such as the pipe’s inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, straightness and roundness to ensure it meets specifications.

Heat treatment: Some welded steel pipes require heat treatment to improve their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. This usually includes heat treatment processes such as normalizing, quenching or tempering.

Surface treatment: The outer surface of welded steel pipes usually needs to be coated or galvanized to improve its corrosion resistance. This helps prevent the pipes from rusting or corroding during use.

Cutting and Trimming: Finally, the welded steel pipe is cut to the required length as needed, and final trimming and inspection is performed to ensure that its quality meets standards.

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