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What Is A Welded Steel Pipe

September 26, 2023

Latest company news about What Is A Welded Steel Pipe

latest company news about What Is A Welded Steel Pipe  0

The welding process can be done using various methods, but the most common ones for producing welded steel pipes include:

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW): In this method, the edges of the steel plates or strips are heated and then pressed together to create a welded joint. ERW is commonly used for manufacturing pipes in various sizes and for a wide range of applications.

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW): SAW involves creating an arc between a bare electrode and the workpiece. The arc is submerged under a layer of granular flux to protect the weld from atmospheric contamination. This method is often used for larger-diameter pipes and heavy-wall pipes.

High-Frequency Induction Welding (HFW): HFW involves the use of high-frequency currents to heat the edges of the steel plates and create a welded joint. This method is suitable for manufacturing pipes with smaller diameters and thinner walls.

Seamless Steel Pipes vs. Welded Steel Pipes: Welded steel pipes are distinct from seamless steel pipes, which are produced without a welded seam. Seamless pipes are often preferred for applications where a continuous, smooth interior surface is required, but welded pipes are more cost-effective and suitable for many applications.

Welded steel pipes are widely used in various industries and applications, including water supply, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, structural applications, automotive manufacturing, construction, and more. They come in various sizes, wall thicknesses, and grades to suit different needs and specifications. The choice between seamless and welded pipes depends on factors such as cost, application requirements, and the specific properties desired for the pipe.

Product Name Carbon steel pipe
Material Q195 = S195 / A53 Grade A
Q235 = S235 / A53 Grade B / A500 Grade A / STK400 / SS400 / ST42.2
Q345 = S355JR / A500 Grade B Grade C
15CrMO,Cr5Mo,10CrMo910,12CrMo,13CrMo44,30CrMo,A333 GR.1,GR.3,GR.6,GR.7,etc
SAE 1050-1065
Color Clean, blasting and painting or as required
Technique Hot rolled/Cold rolled
Used Shock absorber,Motorcycle accessories,drill pipe,Excavator accessories,Auto part,hight pressure boiler tube, honed
tube,Transmission shaftetc
MOQ 5tons.We also can accept sample order
Capacity 200,000 tons/year
Shipment time Within 15-20 days after receiving advance payment
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